How does a bride with short hair create a perfect look

5339831190_1540008119-189x300 How does a bride with short hair create a perfect look


Short hair the bride in photography, will always be wondering how to make a very beautiful modelling, who said the bride must be a long hair just moving, short hair the bride also grace, grace, as long as cooperate with their own temperament, appropriate dress, makeup and accessories on collocation, can have a perfect shape. Let’s enjoy the unique charm of a bride with short hair.

The choice of wedding dress

In order to cater to the temperament of short hair, the bride should choose to design a simple and pure wedding dress. It is a good choice to wear a wedding dress with breasts. Without long hair, it can highlight the sexy shoulder and neck curves of the bride and make the bride a bit more feminine. If you want to enrich the content of wedding dress, you can enhance the design of wedding dress. If you have a mild personality, opt for a dress with a long waist, which will make you sexy with short hair. If you are a neutral bride, a one-shouldered wedding dress can show your personality.

2. Selection of yarn

The choice of the veil is based on the shape of the bride’s face and the style of her wedding dress. A long wedding dress should be matched with a long veil; Princess fan’s floor-length wedding dress should be paired with a short veil or a tiered wedding dress. Design more complex wedding dress, in order not to appear too heavy, should choose concise gauze. The bride with short hair can easily create a sweet image by choosing a veil. If she chooses complicated headwear, it will have the opposite effect.

The choice of makeup

The makeup that earth color fastens, can highlight a female calm, sex appeal one side, it is this kind of makeup look and relaxed short hair however some are out of place. Short hair bride to show pure and fresh temperament, can choose ceramic makeup or fruit makeup, can appear more natural and refined. Do not put on heavy makeup, because the adornment of the head of the bride with short hair is originally less, too thick makeup can cover the window of the hair.

4. Choice of jewelry

The design of short hair also is diversiform, in the choice of headgear natural also exists difference. If the hair on one side is pulled back to the ear and the hair on the other side is short and short, you can choose to wear large and short earrings on one side. If both ears are exposed, the bride can choose a swinging ring if her hair is thick and a delicate earring if thin. The key point of the bride’s choice of jewelry with short hair is the necklace. Brides with heavy hair can opt for more elaborate necklaces. Brides with thinner hair can opt for simple diamond-encrusted necklaces.

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