High-quality Plywood in demand


Century plywood is the name that comes in mind when a renovation takes place in the house. It is the best material for woodcraft. The bedroom cabinets and beds, and the study room furniture, a sofa in living rooms and cabinets in kitchens find only one solution- century plywood dealers in Delhi.


Century plywood boards are not only a superior alternative to other solid wood materials, but it’s a revolution in the timber industry. Better strength and durability is a good reason to buy it. These plywood boards are resistant to termites also.

Century plywood is an engineered wood product. Here, wood veneers form a tight bond with waterproof glueand a flat ply sheet is the new wood solution to all the applications.


The interior spaces in your home or office need a perfect selection of plywood for the best results. A good option must fulfill basic requirements like termite resistance and be waterproof. For a dream project to be completed, plywood is an essential component that will give a gorgeous finish. So, for home or office interiors, it is preferable to look out for well-suited plywood.

For a beginner, let us discuss the types of plywood that are tailored to suit different needs:


It is a high strength, homogenous timber that has straight fibers. It can be installed with ease. It is used for developing structures in a house like decorative purpose and cabinet constructions. It is an eco-friendly wood. Making furniture and handling is easy.


It is thin plywood but its strength is also high. Its properties are heat and damage resistant plywood. Hardwood plywood finds application in heavy-duty floor work and wall structural framework.



It is a decorative purpose plywood that can also be dyed as per requirement. It finds the best use where appearances matter a lot. Its strength or resistance is high despite being used for decoration.



Flexible plywood is a special kind as it finds its usage where bending of wood is required. It is used for the creation of curved surfaces in furniture without developing into cracks. It is made of hardwood and best suited for interior designs. It is a lightweight wood that is simple to work with. Some examples are Flexi-ply or Bendi-ply.



Marine-grade plywood is used vastly because it is a perfect solution that has different grades. It is the best option for outdoor projects like doors and patio furniture. It can deal nicely with high atmospheric moisture content like in coastal areas. It is made from waterproof glue. It has a good surface finish that makes the products look without any defects. It’s a popular choice for manufacturing boat and boat parts.


Trust is based on a customer-centric approach from leading plywood dealers in Delhi who have various alternatives to help find the best wood solution.

The plywood wholesale market in Delhi has a wide selection of amazingly priced different grades of wood. Customers can pick the best deal as per their budget. They cater to customer needs and satisfaction.


Om Prakash Satish Kumar & Co. is one of the plywood dealer in bhogal with national and international top quality products from all brands. We are here to motivate and ensure that you pick the best product for your construction. We do not compromise on quality. We have futuristic quality products for our customers for trust-building.


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