Heat undefeated highest it has been 51 days miracle 27-game winning streak columns of the U.S. sports history

On March 28, the Heat away 97-101 negative Bulls 27-game winning streak halted. Despite the Heat failed to break the Lakers 33-game winning streak record, but they are still American professional sports winning streak standings ranked second, this is already a miracle.

During today’s game, the Bulls mascot exalted a written game winning streak prohibit passage “brand. This scene is not uncommon during the Heat game winning streak, the Union Zhu Qiang has become the common dream of blocking the defending champion, the rhetoric is seen in the newspapers in the network. Before the game prior to the ravings of the team was a child, but are in the game today and the past.

Bulls play to Canzhen, Noah Ross (microblogging), Belinelli and Hamilton, Huston, but they played tough defense and high-quality team offensive surmount finally a stop writing for the Heat winning streak. Heat 33 streak six games in the distance came tumbling down, and marvel.

If Miami today is not slow, Wade (microblogging) is not a knee injury, if Section III counterattack hit a wave flow, Heat is not to win it? The brutal professional league never believed “if”, the Heat lose admittedly regrettable, but they have been a miracle in the Union, as well as the history of American sports writing. When we sighed with regret for the Heat game winning streak end of “unassailable” before they should applaud it?

Away from Beijing on February 4 beat Raptors to start, the Heat embark on the road of the soul-stirring winning streak until March 26 away to expose the magic 51 days of the Legion of Miami undefeated take 27-game winning streak. 27-game winning streak means what? This is the second-longest winning streak of the history of the NBA (microblogging), second only to the Lakers in the 1971-72 season to create the 33-game winning streak. 1972 NBA there have been more than one dynasty team, but not which teams capable of winning streak up to 22 games, until this season, the Heat, the past 41 years, only this one is worth Heat generals proud. As James said, when they retired to look back on this experience would be proud to say “our history, unnamed.

Heat’s 27-game winning streak in the history of American professional sports is the miraculous achievement, they succeeded beyond the 26-game winning streak in 1916, the New York Giants, in American professional sports winning streak standings. In 1916! That is how far an era, after the New York Giants, the nation’s professional sports teams, only the Lakers and the Heat get off a winning streak of 27 games or more. This wave 27-game winning streak is not too much to describe with great Heat casting their glory.

James said before, more than once game winning streak is just defending road episode, and then the championship is their goal. Lien Jie power is also tremendous pressure, and now 27-game winning streak writing full stop, may be a good thing for the Heat, throw off the burden the traveling light championship playoffs not far away waiting for them, pull ourselves back on the road now.

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