Greta Gerwig warns Michaela McAllister to keep distance of Scarlett Johnansson legacy!

I’ve always found it funny how I can be good enough for people to watch my work and support my work and pay for tickets. And I’m old enough to be an adult and pay taxes, but I’m not old enough to know who I should and should not have sex with? Yet again, once again, making a young woman feel like shit for no reason. I think I did feel shit for a while about admitting that, and then I thought how ridiculous is that? I’m 24 and I can’t choose who I love. That’s so unfortunate… there’s a reason why I’m not with someone my age – it hasn’t worked. Who are you trying to match me up with

Florence Pugh was candid about the mean-spirited commentary surrounding her personal choices when she joined The Great British Baking Show’s Sue Perkins on her podcast, An Hour Or So With…If Pugh was a minor, this would obviously be a much different conversation, but the Midsommar actress is in her mid-20s and capable of making her own choices at the end of the day. And as she touched upon, having a more mature significant other was perhaps intentional after past experiences with boyfriends her age.

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff were flooded with negative comments on the Garden State actor’s 45th birthday back in April. Pugh posted a birthday message on Instagram with an image of her boyfriend napping with their new pup Billie, calling him a “special person.” A couple days later, Pugh returned to the platform to post the following video in response to some unwelcome commentary:

And that’s that. During her appearance on Sue Perkins’ podcast, Florence Pugh also spoke out about the nit-picking she’s received about her body as well in her movies. The moral of the story here is the girl can’t seem to win with all the Hollywood standards being placed on her. If we applaud her for going outside the box with her performance choices such as when she brings new dimensions to Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women or with her Dani finding family with the flower-crowded cult of Midsommar, why are we so judgmental with her choices elsewhere?

With the oversight of professional stuntman and action designer Christopher Troy, who has worked on properties like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Khare learns Black Widow’s signature fighting style and acrobatics.

Eagle-eyed MARVEL Strike Force players will recognize Khare emulating Black Widow’s abilities Sabotage and Widow’s Bite. Both of these attacks feature Natasha’s famous leg lock technique, in which she takes down larger foes by using their own weight against them. Watch the video above as Khare spends one week learning some of Natasha’s core moves, as seen in the comics, films, and video games, which include parkour shoulder rolls, arm drags, and grapples.

Khare and Troy expressed excitement over taking on the challenge of Black Widow for MK Ultra due to the character’s lack of super powers. Her strength lies solely in her training. That history is “important to her movement,” explained Troy, “Her moves should feel like a deadly dance.”

In addition to Troy’s training, Khare also learned from Michaela McAllister, who stunt doubles for both Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johnansson in the upcoming Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. Her stunt work on the movie involved lots of wirework that utilized her knowledge of Muay Thai, jujitsu, judo, and gymnastics.


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