FSD India- The leading brand for consultancy services in the hospitality sector

FSD India has more than two-decade-long history of helping clients establish highly modern and luxurious hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and bars.

Its designers and engineers will help you right from scratch to design, plan and execute the best hotel in your region and that too within your budget.

Building a hotel or any other hospitality facility such as a restaurant, cafeteria, etc. requires you to consult with a hotel or restaurant consultant. With so many consulting services firms in this sector, one might wonder which consulting company could provide the best designing, planning and engineering services.

FSDIndia is best hotel consultant in Delhi NCR India that has been pioneering and catering to clients and business ventures in the hospitality industry. With its wide reach, it is not only helping the Indian players in the commercial hospitality industry but has reached out to many international clients as well.

Sit with professionals and get entire help during the planning and constructing phase

By hiring the professionals in FSD India, you are choosing the best minds in the entire industry to help you cater to your needs. Widely regarded as the best hotel kitchen consultant, they will help you to design a technology driven and modern commercial kitchen.

Paving the way for interior design& safety, the company’s top professionals will guide you if you are looking to set up a hotel, restaurant or commercial canteen on office premises.

Get unique planning and designing ideas from your consultants

As soon as you come up with a query, you are going to be assigned one of the best teams of professionals that include engineers, planners, interior designers, and safety experts.

You can get unique ideas from them on how to develop a space that will be highly advanced with the inclusion of high-tech safety features to avoid any catastrophic situations.

As they have already catered to several clients from various industrial players,they have wide experience to meet your needs and demands of setting up a hotel to cater to your guests.

Safety an integrating parameter

Along with being assigned an F&B consultant, you will also get safety consultants for integrating safety intothe design of your hotel or restaurant.

Various high-tech systems are going to be built throughout your facility that prevents any disaster or emergency such as smoke, fire, and electrical power failures or a short circuit hazard.

The company has adequate experience in helping F&B operators design safe commercial cafeterias or commercial kitchen spaces equipped with emergency power failures and preventing electrical spikes.

Company information

FSD India is a leading brand in providing a highly experienced F&B consultant. It has already helped numerous corporates and existing players in the hospitality industry to set up hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and canteens in public and office spaces.

Company address-

A-2, 3rd floor, Shopping Center,

Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-2,

New Delhi- 110028

Contact information-

+91-1143157300/ +91-9717288853

Email- design@fsdindia.com