Control and Determine Food Moisture Content Securely

One Click Loss on Drying is a comprehensive new solution that determines moisture content of both raw ingredients and final food products in a secure and structured way. The system guides the operator through the process via the balance’s screen and automatically handles all data and calculations. Thanks to the complete task and data management, process security of this critical, everyday quality control analysis in food labs is clearly increased.

The moisture content of food products is an essential attribute of final product quality and has a direct influence on product shelf life. Determining moisture by loss on drying is a long process due to the time required for preconditioning tare containers, oven drying samples and the subsequent cooling in a desiccator. Handling samples requires care and identifying samples correctly is essential to avoid erroneous results. Error is also easily introduced into the procedure via transcription error, incorrect calculations and results recording.

All these difficulties are magnified further when several analyses are being run simultaneously. One Click Loss on Drying, powered by LabX, eliminates these problems making the whole process significantly faster and more secure.

The procedure is started with the One Click shortcut on the balance’s touch screen. The user simply follows the step-by-step instructions on the balance from then on. The inbuilt method can be customized according to user requirements to ensure that lab assistants and quality control managers can be sure SOPs are being followed precisely.

The user enters the number of analysis samples and prints relating barcode labels, which are simply stuck onto the crucibles. After being preconditioned in the oven, the crucible ID is scanned with a barcode reader and the crucible is weighed empty. The method also allows for crucible IDs to be entered manually. The sample ID is entered before the balance’s SmartTrac weighing guide accurately weighs-in the correct amount. The ErgoClip (for round bottomed containers) ensures that the crucible is precisely positioned on the balance for secure dosing. The samples are dried in the oven and then cooled in the desiccator.

The order in which the dry samples are weighed is of no relevance when resuming the task back at the balance. Scanning the crucible barcode uniquely identifies the sample and the result is automatically recorded correctly. The percentage of moisture content is calculated automatically for each sample.

LabX automatically stores all data securely in a central database ensuring full traceability. This automatic data handling eliminates transcription errors and avoids any possible calculation mistakes.

Reports can be generated at any time and can even be sent to a printer outside the laboratory ensuring that documentation regulations are adhered to. Some general report templates are included for ease-of-use and the Report Designer gives users the opportunity to create personalized reports according to individual or corporate style.

LabX contains a built-in method template for the loss on drying procedure and the Method Designer allows the template to be customized according to each user’s precise needs. A new method can be created for each different type of food sample in order to correlate with individual SOPs. LabX even ensures balance tests have been performed according to the SOP requirements providing an even higher level of process security.