Company Introduces Automatic Water Softener In India To Help Improve Cleaning Effectiveness of Washing Appliances

There are different types of appliances used in homes and other commercial establishments for washing dishes, utensils and other items. The use of hard water in these machines often affects their cleaning efficiency. The solution is the use of water softeners that can remove calcium and magnesium compounds from water and make the water soft for an effective cleaning of different items. In India, Washmatic boasts of introducing an automatic water softener that can dramatically improve the cleaning effectiveness of different cleaning appliances.

According to the spokesperson of Washmatic India, perhaps they are the first company to introduce an automatic water softener in India. This automatic water softener can also remove the limestone hardness from water, besides compounds of calcium, magnesium etc. Thus, the water softener can effectively remove the scaling from the piping systems of different equipments and processes. It also plays a great role in bettering the cleansing and rinsing process of the appliances. The spokesperson states that the softener can soften the water and which in turn can save detergents and washing chemicals used in appliances. Thus, besides improving the cleaning efficiency, it can also add to the cost-effectiveness of the cleaning process.

The company’s water softener for bathroom India could be a great choice to promote the use of soft water, which can protect the plumbing and piping system of the bathroom from scaling. The spokesperson reveals that the use of soft water can also prove very helpful in improving the life of different equipments used in the bathroom, kitchen and other places. Moreover, the softener also reduces the maintenance cost of the appliances, as there is no or very little need of de-scaling from time to time.

Washmatic has introduced the water softener for home India that features an automatic programmable regeneration and thus it requires no effort to keep softening the hard water fed into the machine. It uses common granular salt in the regeneration process and has almost nil operation cost. With an easy installation and maintenance process, the water softener uses the resin based ion exchange technology to soften hard water.

About Washmatic India

Washmatic commenced its operations in 2005, although it has been in business since 1989 as a part of the Aster Group. The Company is focused on providing end-to-end ware washing solutions to all establishments, which serve food and beverages. They manufacture dishwashers, accessories and crate washers, which are marketed through their countrywide sales network, consisting of a number of offices and distributors. The Group Companies are also engaged in providing solutions to hospitality segment in the area of food & beverage production as well as services.


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