Clever use of methods in wedding photo show thin

Every girl wants to have a perfect body to become the most beautiful bride, but our own condition is not decided by we can, this leads to a lot of brides lost confidence to oneself, many would-be bride will because their fat and timidity.
This is a good way to hide obesity, bride’s face if feel more me

1, the hands
at, can use hand gesture of keep out, put a little lovely action, XiaoDu pork meat is more, you can put your hands on the abdomen, such posture can not only keep out faults, also can look very artistic, plus post-processing, no problem at all.

2. Extend your chin

When the bride takes a picture, her chin is slightly extended forward, stretching the muscles of her chin so that the meat doesn’t pile up. Also has the effect of spin face, neck and face will be very beautiful, the stretch chin can let the bride has a double chin, but as long as micro stretch, don’t be too large movement range, looks very strange.

3. With the help of high ground

Sometimes the bride not too will do the action, the above several methods to failure, but is not without a solution, such as for their wedding photos or in stair place scene can be chosen when the edge, with the help of the highlands and the big trailing dress, stretched thin body effect, this is by using the method of shooting hand method thin, the couple can try.

4. Skillful use of props

General photography business is going to be a lot of props, to new balloon, holding flowers, dolls, plush toys and so on, and the couple can that these props to cover your body fat, photography is such whichever magic props, can not only achieve the cover effect, also make the whole picture.

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