Brad Pitt Declined Palpatine creature with monsters eyes! Skywalker perished

Darth Vader series has made this case the comic books have done nothing to dampen it. Given this question has never been answered, it would be a shrewd move to finally put fans’ minds at ease.

Rey seems to be in the short-term she’s known them. First, Han Solo was murdered by his son Kylo Ren shortly after beingfriend the Jakku scavenger. And then, in The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker perishes, having managed to instill some of his training in her.

With Anakin could act as an mentor. He could even be Rey’s secret weapon when it came to winning the war and bringing peace to the galaxy.

Sith lightsaber If there’s a scene from the footage released at D23. Some believe it would be a vision, but others genuinely think the hero of the sequel trilogy could be about to change sides at the very last minute?

Anakin Skywalker could step back into the fold. He knows all about the temptations of the dark side having been wooed by Palpatine during the events of the prequel trilogy and some words of wisdom that did not make the mistake.