Apple iPhone 6 – The Wait is over

Apple enthusiasts around the planet can finally exhale from months of holding their breath in expectation. Millions of iPhone 3G and 3GS owners converged online from 2008 to early 2010 in what can only be called a mesmerizing use of Internet technology. Social networks, Twitter accounts, Digg pages and YouTube video reviews; nearly every societal platform open to Apple iPhone owners was used to ease a global dialogue.

What needed to be improved upon in the iPhone’s outdoor make-up and interior operating system? Users complained of nonexistent video-recording characteristics, no zoom feature, no front-facing camera, low resolution images, no choice to get a customizable homepage background, and the ill-famed exception of MMS messaging if the 3G variant. Apple listened to its customers, and chose to contain as many new Features as you possibly can.

New Features

Apple’s going to double its normal iPhone display. Icons tend to be more energetic, videos screen in a steady 720p resolution, and webpages seen in the dim emit a glow bright enough to light a cavern. Just in the HTC HD2 has Smartphone users seen such leaps cheap ipads and bounds in screen resolution and clarity. This daring move by Apple has left many Apple newsgroups buzzing with heated discussions on if the Apple iPhone 6 may be used only as a TV or not. – Never before has a Smartphone created such buzz in the mobile phone business.

–Front-facing camera. For years cellular telephone firms are trying to apply a front-facing camera, with little accessible LG had a short lived success with their swiveling 1.2 megapixel camera back in 2001, not since then there has been an effective and customer-approved camera capable of shooting pictures while the user faces the display, adjusting the angle and focus to his or her satisfaction. The Apple iPhone 6 has caused a wave of aid upon each of its own iPhone owners using its front-facing, 5 megapixel cell phone camera, complete with LED flash for night time shots.


–Thinner, glossier outside. When the iPhone burst onto the cell phone arena in 2007, no one had ever seen this kind of more alluring, more fashionable cellphone. Many users were confounded by its too-simplistic layout, being forced to become accustomed to its extra smooth polished finish and economical, refined buttons.


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