8th International Conference Compound Libraries

MedChem departments are forced to deal with increasingly shrinking budgets, closure of R&D sites, and finding reliable and high-quality external partners. Meet high-ranking industry experts at our 8th International Conference Compound Libraries 2012, 15 – 17 October in Berlin. Furthermore, find out how non-exclusive collections can be avoided and how the loss of in-house innovation can be prevented.

The conference takes place for the 8th time and brings together experts from both industry and research to discuss up and coming topics. For example, hot topics like the generation of computer-aided leads from real and virtual sources using 2D/3D virtual screening or the design of targeted libraries by means of in-silico exploration of synthetically highly feasible chemical space will be discussed.

Presentations will center on following topics:

  • Causes for lacking data correlation
  • Review and analysis of the best ways to achieve false positives’ avoidance
  • Leverage insights into the design of focused chemical libraries dedicated to the modulation of PPI
  • How the potential of PPI inhibitors to lead your research to marketed drugs can be assessed better

Interactive workshops that allow for intensified discussions as well as a lab tour at Bayer Health Care AG are included in the conference.

This year, attendees will also benefit from new additions to the program, such as presentations by the Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology, and new topics such as library extension via global outsourcing strategy (BASF) or compound management and logistics as well as a general focus on targeted library design.

For more details on program, speakers and relevant downloads, please visit http://bit.ly/compound-libraries-2012

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