The Searchportal for biometric products „“ increases and moves to the Eifel.

An important step for the future from, was the move in a bigger building.

The search portal for biometric products moves to the Eifel.

After the space in Munsterland was ready to burst it seams, it was time to move.

The new offices in the Eifel, offers more space and an effective work environment, where employees have the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in their free time.

„With this change, we have laid the groundwork for a successful future, due to the work environment creating a positive team climate“, says the management.

Not only the creation of the site with information about biometric and fingerprint products is in focus, but also the planned on-line shop. Hereby we are still researching, interviewing and testing to ensure that the quality of the on-line shop is to its highest standards.

„In regards to the products in our portal, the consumer can feel comfortable and secure in knowing that we have controlled and tested the products that are being advertised on our site“, says General Manager, Klaus Pillokeit of

Even if there is a liability or warranty on any products that we feature by the manufacturer, customer satisfaction is a paramount for the team.

With this thinking and the new location in the Eifel, a positive development is guaranteed!

Operator of a Web portal for biometric products

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Klaus Pillokeit
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