IVU: New on-board computer system for Android tablets

A tablet instead of an on-board computer. With IVU.cockpit for Android from IVU Traffic Technologies, transport companies will in future be able to dispense with the permanent installation of driver-operated devices in their buses if required. This means that all functions of the proven on-board computer software are now also available on commercial tablets.

Location determination, driver communication, dispatch – with IVU.cockpit for Android, IVU’s on-board computer system is now on affordable and flexible tablets. Continuously developed for decades and in use on tens of thousands of permanently installed on-board computers worldwide, the software contains everything that is necessary for smooth driving operations: from digital voice radio and vehicle location to dispatch actions such as connection management and changes to vehicle workings. Interfaces in accordance with VDV 301 and ITxPT compatibility seamlessly connect tablets and on-board computers to external peripheral devices.

“Even though the focus of developing IVU.cockpit for Android was on occasional transport services, for which the installation of a dedicated device is not always worthwhile, the wide range of functions makes our solution the first choice for transport companies that need a fully fledged and proven on-board computer with maximum flexibility,” says Dr Falko Hageboelling, Head of Development – Vehicle Operations at IVU Traffic Technologies. “As a solution for drivers, IVU.cockpit for Android can be rolled out quickly and easily, significantly reducing the effort required to equip vehicles.”

IVU.cockpit for Android has the same user interface as the version for on-board computers. Its operation is the same as other Android devices, so no special training is required. The system is an integral part of the IVU.suite ecosystem and is closely linked to the IVU.fleet control centre software, which supports dispatch with numerous automated and convenient functions.

“Tablets are easy to carry, intuitive to use and now work absolutely reliably. This makes them ideal for use in the cockpits of buses,” says Matthias Rust, CTO of IVU Traffic Technologies. “With IVU.cockpit for Android, we are offering our customers a modern solution on a mature and future-proof platform. This makes it easier for them to use the right solution for each individual application – without any system discontinuities.”



Press contact:
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Corporate Communications
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